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Saw this on [ profile] mabel_marsters ' LJ and I couldn't resist

Whoomp, there it is! )
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did this "Which screwed up Celebrity do you most resemble?" test because I thought it would be fun. Here is the result.
You most resemble Michael Jackson

You are different from most people. You don’t follow the social norms of the society you live in and live on impulse. You are an easy target for critics, but you don’t let their opinions get you down. You are cool on your own terms.

Take this quiz at

I hope it won't mean that my nose will fall off or that I'm gonna screw children :-P
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I just did this quiz "which Supernatural character are you?" and here is the result:

Ain't it funny? I have to say I prefer Ruby in the old meatsuit but hey,the new one isn't that bad either :-D

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I was just browsing my Christmas photos and quickly made these two:

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I guess nobody`s really interested, BUT
I am back from my vacation, went to lake Balaton (really gals, google it), spent 5 days at the lakeside, it was fun. Didn`t leave the bedroom much but hey, that`s what vacations are for, right?
Read lots of really good fanfic, didn`t write a single word (bad, bad Suz) and now I`m back at the office.Trying to cheer myself up by thinking of the following vacation, going to the Sun and Bass festival, San Teodoro, Sardinia. (google it too)

Congrats to Sotia for everything and luv u all.
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The one and only, lovely  [personal profile] xtanitx is celebrating her birthday today so...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNI!
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So yesterday while we were sitting in the restaurant, our guest said "I`m jealous" And I asked back "did u just say Angelus?" Hubby had a huge grin on his face and made that silly trumpet-like sound (alway says bad jokes are better with the sound of a trumpet) and then we high-fived. I was on fire all the evening. I got my long black leather coat back from my mom`s and wore it yesterday. Hubby has never seen it before (totally forgot about it for a long time) and when he said "nice, coat, where did u get it?" I said" new york, had to kill a slayer" Actually the coat is from the u.s. and she got it in `78, I think. :-) Am I geeky/nerdy or what?


Mar. 24th, 2008 09:40 pm
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Although it`s highly likely that no one is ever going to read by blog here, I`m just starting to write this one.
I`m also having a Hungarian one which I update every 3-4 months as being one of the laziest blog writers in the whole globe. :-)

Been reading a lot of Buffy fan fic lately, to be honest I really don`t know why. It just got started in January, when I had been at home studying for my Bar exam and needed something to distract me when I felt I had a brain meltdown after 20 something hours of studying. Anyway reading all this stuff and being away from the office really changed my life. But it`s going to be another post, another time...

I plan to write this one more regularly and write about myself and my past year of Hell. Wish me luck, dear reader.



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